Latest Products Latest Products Wed, 29 Aug 2018 15:14:56 +0530 en-us Grease Fri, 04 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Empowered with sound infrastructural base and experienced team, we have brought inexplicable range of top quality Imported Greases. Lubricants Fri, 04 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Marine International is counted among the leading supplier of Imported lubricants in India. Procured from the top importer in the industry, our Imported lubricants are highly demanded in various domestic markets of India for their reasonable price and efficient performance. Synthetic Lubricants Fri, 04 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Owing to our rich expertise in supplying high quality Imported Synthetic Lubricantswe have carved a niche among the top Imported Synthetic Lubricants suppliers in the domestic market. All our Imported Synthetic Lubricants are procured from top manufacturers of the industry and available at inexpensive market rate. Pumps Fri, 04 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Our company is counted among responsive and responsible Suppliers of a wide array of Imported Pumps in India. We offer a range of high performance, precision engineered and corrosion resistant Imported Pumps to cater to various industrial needs and requirements. Synthetic Greases Wed, 29 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Owing to our rich expertise in supplying high quality Synthetic Greases , we have carved a niche among the top Imported Synthetic Lubricants suppliers in the domestic market. All our Synthetic Greases  are procured from top Importer from  the industry and available at inexpensive market rate.Features : Brings longer equipment life Saves energy cost High temperature capability Excellent resistance to oxidation Low temperature flow Protected against wear Range : Synthetic Engine Oils Synthetic Gear Oils Synthetic Hydraulic Oils Synthetic Refrigeration Oils Synthetic  Air Compressor Oils Synthetic  Screw Compressor Oils Synthetic Turbine Oils Synthetic Chain & Oven Oils Synthetic Barrier Seal Oils Synthetic Coolant – Metalworking Oils Stern Tube /Hydraulic System Oil Thu, 21 Jun 2018 00:00:00 +0530 St-83a environmentally acceptable lubricant for stern tubes marine hydraulic systems biodegradable marine lubricant not oil but lubricant kemel st-83a characteristics 2013 vgp of us epa st-83a meets the eal (environmentally acceptable lubricant) specification in 2013 vgp of us epa. Base fluid polyethlene glycol, a type of polyalkylene glycol, is well known as non-toxic material. It is generally applied in cosmetics and medicines. Biodegradable oecd 301c test method found st-83a readily biodegradable. Kemel st-83a non-toxic st-83a has been classified as harmless to aquatic lives under oecd 201, 202 and 203 tests. Non-bioaccumulative st-83a is not bioaccumulative to aquatic lives because it is water soluble. No sheen no sludge st-83a is water soluble and forms no sheen or discoloration to the water. Also produces no sludge or emulsion under water surface. High seawater tolerance st-83a provides excellent lubrication and corrosion prevention even when the seawater content is 10%. Seal compatibility for stern tubes, kemel special seal of advanced fluoro-rubber should be applied. Regular viton seal is not compatible with st-83a. Comparison of base oils for eal’s    base oil polyalkylene glycol vegetable oil synthetic ester non-sheening water tolerance good good poor poor poor poor patents granted in us (#7666822). Remarks 1) st-83a absorbs water contained in air. Piping design should be consulted with kemel. 2) normal paints cannot be used with kemel st-83a. Inorganic zinc primer should be used. st-83a environmentally acceptable lubricant for stern tubes marine hydraulic systems product data formula base fluid polyethylene glycol typical properties 1) physical and chemical properties appearance pale yellow liquid viscosity at 40oc 86 mm2s viscosity at 100 oc 15 mm2s density at 15 oc 1.13 gcm3 pour point -8 oc flash point 225 oc (coc) solu. Acid Resistant Chlorinated Rubber Paint Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Chlorinated Rubber is a premium quality, single pack, unmodified chlorinated rubber finish. It is resistant to salt spray, all types of Acids, impermeable to water and exhibits excellent resistance to mould and fungus growth. Chlorinated Rubber can be applied over correctly prepared and primed steel and concrete surfaces.   Primary Uses Wine grape receiving bins, including wine grape tipper trucks Wine receiving areas Fishing bins   Preparation of Substrate Surfaces showing heavy scale or surface rust should be treated with Protec Metal Conditioner and Degreaser. Heavily rusted surfaces should be abrasively blast cleaned.   Cleaning : Before and after any sanding operation, the substrate must be thoroughly degreased with & grease remover to remove all traces of dirt, oil, grease, silicone, wax etc.   Drying times will vary dependent on temperature, flash off between coats, number of coats used. Is suitable for brush application on small areas. 37% Volume Solids (Depending on Colour). Food Grade Epoxy Paint Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 When used as part of approved scheme, this material has following certifications Food Contact - Carriage of Grains ( NOHA ) Food Contact - FDA Compliant : Dry Foodstuffs Tested for non-contaminations of grain cargo at the   Theoretical spreading rates : 3.9 m²/litre - 200 micron 3.9 m²/litre - 200 micron 154 sq.ft./US gallon - 8 mils 154 sq.ft./US gallon - 8 mils   Introduction to Food Grade Epoxy A low viscosity, 100% volume solids epoxy coating Compliant with SSPC paint 42 specification Applicable over variety of substrates including Aluminum, Concrete, Glass, FRP, GRP etc. Flexibility in application – can be applied directly over tightly adherent rust, old coating, oily, condensed & splash zone surface. Can be used underwater for wrapping of piling, jacket legs & variety of substrates   Properties of Food Grade Epoxy 100% Solid Epoxy Coating '0' Volatile Organic Compound Food-grade certified '0' Flame spread Applicable directly on difficult surfaces, viz. Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Iron etc.   Examples of Applications As a protective coating for structures in harsh environment Condensation structure / piping Online high heat application (≤ 150°C) Underwater piling, jacket legs, risers GRE/GRP piping FRP strengthening As a Metal Filling Compound (MFC) (≤5mm) Oily bilge wells / pump rooms / engine room Concrete & concrete repairs As a floor-coating – also for "Clean Room" applications   "Happy to inform you that we stock and trade in this Food Grade Epoxy Paints, we have observed visually and found satisfactory paint which was applied on condensate surface lines at our premises”   Food Grade Epoxy Paints – an innovative 100% solid multipurpose epoxy coating Meets & exceeds the requirements enlisted in SSPC Paint 42 specification 100% solid epoxy – no solvents added – “0” VOC Specially formulated for multipurpose use in offshore environment No stringent requirements for surface preparation – can be applied on tightly adherent rust Equally good performance even when applied on oily or damp surfaces Applicable directly underwater without any modifications Can be used along with wrapping tapes underwater for extra protection to risers, piling, structure etc. Along with Zirconium (added externally), can be used as a Metal Filling Compound Food grade coating – DNV certified – applicable for internal lining of Potable water tank Class “0” rated fire retardant   APPLICATIONS Crude, product & potable water storage tank linings Ballast tank coating where surface preparation may be an issue Bilges, pump rooms etc. where there is a high possibility of oily substrate High temperature application (up to 150 deg. C) Engine shell coating Sweating lines – can be applied directly without shutdown Risers, jackets, piling – for underwater application GRE & FRP repairs & restoration Self-levelling floor coating – Sterile grade Polyurethane Epoxy Paint Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Aggressive environments demand highly durable systems. Incorporating innovative technology, the Polyurethane Epoxy paints range of atmospheric, durable finishes meets these requirements and offers exceptional cosmetics for all atmospheric vessel and Industrial areas.   Independent approval : Polyurethane Epoxy Paints has been tested to meet, and exceed, the highest international standards, such as ISO 12944, and NORSOK M501.Certified by DNV as a paint system with low-flame spread in compliance with IMO Solas and Marine Equipment Directive (MED).   Features Finish coating for decks, superstructure, and topsides Suitable for application at new-build, in dry dock and for onboard maintenance High gloss with up to 10 years’ durability Non-chalking and non-yellowing Excellent application properties with minimal overspray Resistant to splash of mineral and vegetable oils, paraffins, aliphatic petroleum products and mild chemicals   Benefits Excellent application properties by spray application, roller and brush Durable for up to 10 years – less maintenance costs Flexibility of use – simplifies stock lists Easy to apply – less time, more productivity Fast drying – reducing maintenance downtime Unlimited recoatability Outstanding gloss retention – easier cleaning Reliable and proven track record Heat Resistant Paint Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 A single component, high temperature coatings, based on moisture curing silicone binder. On offshore facilities there is a continuous demand for coatings that maintain their performance despite exposure to a variety of environmental conditions and various temperature fluctuations from the substrate. The company has developed a range of heat resistant, high performance, high quality coatings meeting the latest requirements of the offshore industry. The coatings can be applied on pipes and steel surfaces as well as on process equipment. The coatings protect the steel from the influences of thermal cycling, which is one of the most extreme challenges faced by coating systems. For the protection of steels from corrosion on areas including flare stacks, chimneys, exhausts, vents, and pipework temperature upto 600©. Some of the most challenging coatings situations that exist in industry today concern heat resistance. There is a continuous demand for coatings that can maintain their function despite exposure to the extremely high operational temperatures found in the power, offshore and petrochemical processing industries. We offers a range of high quality, high performance heat resistant coatings developed specifically to meet this challenge, able to cope with extremes of temperature and deliver a dependable long-term performance for both new construction and maintenance alike.   Product Features : A heat resistant moisture curing silicone aluminium Finish meeting all maintenance requirements up wide range of temperature. One component Aluminium Pigmented Heat resistant on SA 2.5 blasted Steel Heat resistant on ST3 powertool cleaned steel No post-cure required Application direct to metal or zinc silicate primer   Applications : The products is widely used and respected in all key industry sectors, meeting the very demanding challenges required to protect major assets. Performance you can trust All our coatings are manufactured to world-leading standards. So you can rely on a consistent performance from each and every coating. Petrochemical : Piping, Heat Exchangers, Maintenance, Process equipment Power : Piping, Stacks, Process equipment Offshore : Piping, Heat Exchanger, Maintenance, Flare Stacks Drinking Water Tank Epoxy Paint Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 This epoxy paints is a 100 % solvent-free, two –component, High-Build, Polyamine adducted cured epoxy paint specially developed for long term protection on concrete and steel potable water tanks. The product is designed for use at both new building and maintenance of existing potable water tanks. The product contains no solvents, benzyl alcohol or nonyl phenol that can influence taste or smell. This means that quality water is mainntained that way. This Products is approved by the Water Research Centre (WRAS), Great Britain, according to BS 6920 for potable water up to 23°C/73°F. It is also covered by the Norwegian Health Authorities (Folkehelseinstituttet), Norway, for use in tanks for potable water offshore according to system 3A in NORSOK M-501, revision 5.   Portable Water Coatings : Water of sufficient quality to serve as drinking water is termed potable water whether it is used as such or not. The potable water coating should not contaminate or affect the quality of the drinking water. In particular the smell or taste of water should not be affected by the coating. A suitable coating for potable water tanks should last with minimal maintenance for up to 25 years without problems of corrosion or reduction of water quality. Coatings applied to potable water tanks are usually two-component pure epoxies, either solvent-free (100% solids) or solvent-borne. Before accepting a coating to be used in potable water tanks, classification societies require certification from a recognized laboratory that the coating is suitable for prolonged contact with drinking water. There are usually no significant differences between solvent-borne and solventfree epoxy coatings during laboratory testing, but solvent entrapment may play an important role under field conditions. If ventilation is not carefully monitored during drying the solvents in solvent-borne potable water coatings can become retained in the coating affecting water taste and smell. Ideally solvent-free coatings are better suited for potable water tanks than those containing solvents. Most solvent-free coatings are difficult to apply with ordinary airless spray equipment, however this product is formulated to overcome such difficulty.   Product features and benefits Certified and approved for portable water use 100% Solvent-free and Benzyl alcohol free Application friendly Long overcoating window Light colour for easy inspection   Application properties : This products can easily be applied with single feed airless spray 45:1 or 60:1, without the need for any thinning or heating. Can be applied and cure down to 10°C/50°F. When mixed (mixing ratio A:B = 7:2 by volume) the product has a 1.5 hour potlife at 20°C/68°F. The normal application range for this product is 200-400 μm/8-16 mils dry film thickness (dft) and a typical paint specification is 2 coats of 200 μm dft. Application is typically done by stripe coating “blind” areas, then apply first coat, stripe coating of hand welds, edges, back sides, corners etc., before application of the second coat. At 20°C/68°F recoating time between first and second coat is 24 hours. After full application of this product in a potable water tank, the coating will need 12 days curing at 20°C/68°F to obtain complete curing, before cleaning and being put into service.   Certificates/Approvals : This products is in accordance with ARAMCO's specification APCS 2A, 2B and 2C. Approved for aviation fuel storage tanks by Exxon Mobil Aviation International Ltd. England. Approved by Water Research Centre, Great Britain, for potable water up to 23°C/73°F. Approved by Folkehelseinstituttet, Norway, for potable water - cold water. Certified by NSF, USA for use in potable water tanks with volumes of 1000 gallon or greater, valves at 2 inches (5 cm) or greater, pipes at 16 inches (40 cm) or greater. NSF certification applies to US manufactured product only. Conforms to Norsok M-501, system no. 3. Boiler Water Treatment Chemical Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 The primary function of a boiler is to transfer heat from hot gases generated by the combustion of fuel into water until it becomes hot or turns to steam. The steam or hot water can then be used in building or facility processes. Boiler feedwater often contains impurities, which impairs boiler operation and efficiency. Chemical additives can be used to correct the problems caused by these impurities. To improve feedwater quality, and steam purity, these chemicals can be injected directly into the feedwater or steam.   Benefits of Chemical Treatments Increase boiler efficiency Reduce fuel, operating and maintenance costs Minimize maintenance and downtime Protect equipment from corrosion and extend equipment lifetime.   Chemical treatments for waterside of boiler tubes : The feedwater is composed of makeup water (usually city water from outside boiler room/ process) and condensate (condensed steam returning to the boiler). The feedwater normally contains impurities, which can cause deposits and other related problems inside the boiler. Common impurities in water include alkalinity, silica, iron, dissolved oxygen and calcium and magnesium (hardness). Blowdown, a periodic or continuous water removal process, is used to limit the concentration of impurities in boiler water and to control the buildup of dissolved solid levels in the boiler. Blowdown is essential in addition to chemical treatments.   List of Problems Caused By Impurities in Water : Alakalinity Hardness ( Calcium & Magnesium Salts) Iron Oxygen Attack Ph Hydrogen Sulphide Silica Boiler Water Side Fouling Acid Attack   We offer an array of  Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals Products as per the demand of the valued clients i.e. Alakalinity Control,Autotreat, Boiler Coagulant, BWT Liquid Plus, Cat Sulphite L , Combitreat, Condensate Control, Hardness Control, Hardness Treatment, Liquitreat,Multiplus, Oxygen Control, Oxygen Scavanger( Hydrazine Based), Oxygen Scavanger Plus, Oxytreat. Please feel free to get the product data sheets. Cleaning and Maintenance Treatment Chemical Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Marine International high performance industrial cleaning and janitorial chemicals have been scientifically formulated for use in a wide range of demanding commercial, manufacturing and industrial process applications involving the treatment of portable water, process waters, waste water an effluent treatment. Marine International comprehensive range of high quality industrial maintenance and commercial cleaning chemicals have been scientifically formulated to deliver significant performance benefits, improving the speed and efficiency of many cleaning and maintenance activities. Our industrial cleaning and janitorial chemicals deliver superior performance and include heavy duty and highly concentrated commercial quality detergents, sanitisers and disinfectants, air hygiene and ventilation biocides, solvent cleaners, descalers, shower head cleaners, engineering pre-commission cleaners, oil dispersants, quick break self emulsifying cleaners, Electric Parts Cleaner, Carbon Remover, Rust Remover, Air Cooler Cleaner and more.   Marine International coagulants offer superior performance characteristics and are ideal for industrial effluent treatment including wastewaters from food, dairy, oil, textiles and chemical industries; the treatment of portable and process waters, sewage effluent, paper processing (as a sizing agent), emulsion cracking, water recycling and more.   We offer an array of  Cleaning & Maintenance Treatment Chemicals Products as per the demand of the valued clients i.e. ACC Plus, Air Cooler Cleaner, Alkleen Liquid, Alkleen Safety Liquid, Aquabreak PX, Aquatuff, Aquatuff High Foam, Bilge Water Flocculant, Carbon Remover, Carbon Clean LT, Carpet Cleaner, Cleanbreak, Coldwash, Commising Cleaner, Deck Clean NP, Defoamer Concentrate, Descalex Powder, Descaling Liquid, Disclean, Enviroclean, Electrosolv-E, Fore & AFT, Gamazyne 700 FN, Gamazyne BOE, Gamazyne BTC, Gamazyne DPC, Gamazyne FC, Gamazyne MSC, H.P. Wash, Metal Brite H.D., Mud & Slit Remover, Multiclean, Natural Hand Cleaner, Pentron Plus, Reefer Cleaner, Seaclean, Tankclean, Seacare O S D, Seacare Ecospere, Slip-Coat, Slip- Coat WR, Teak Cleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Unipol, Uniwash. Please fill free to get the product data sheets. Cooling Water Treatment Chemical Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Water is used extensively as a highly efficient coolant in many commercial, manufacturing and industrial process activities where cooling is required. To ensure such cooling systems are correctly maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct cooling water conditions are established and then maintained at all times. This can be achieved using carefully selected cooling water treatment chemicals. Marine International comprehensive range of high performance cooling water treatment chemicals have been scientifically formulated to deliver significant operational benefits and performance improvements to cooling towers, and open and closed cooling systems that use water as a primary coolant. Our extensive range of formulated cooling water treatment chemicals includes highly effective bio dispersants, corrosion inhibitors for both hard and soft water, and advanced multi-functional scale and corrosion inhibitor formulations. We also offer a full range of high performance oxidising and non-oxidising biocides for microbiological control activities in cooling towers and other cooling Systems.   We offer an array of  Coling Water Treatment Chemicals Products as per the demand of the valued clients i.e. Antifouling, Bioguard, Cooltreat, Coolguard NB, Engine Water Treatment, Engine Water Treatment AL, Cool 2000, Cool NB Liquid. Please fill free to get the product data sheets. Fuel Treatment Chemical Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Our products works as catalyst to improve burning efficiency of fuel, combustion, reduces carbon/ash deposit, limits soot formation, etc. Mineral Water Treatment Chemical Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Marine International Water Treatment offers the organic and inorganic chemicals and additives. Our more than 10 formulations help clients optimize the full water cycle, chemical consumption and operation & maintenance costs. Trade Link has a proven track record worldwide as an effective global water treatment solution that : Protects against scale deposition, corrosion and fouling Reduces unnecessary downtime Otimizes productivity Reduces environmental risks Helps save energy   Marine International extensive range of advanced technology polymers and polymeric treatment chemicals offer superior performance and have been developed for use in a wide range of demanding commercial, industrial and municipal applications involving the treatment of process waters, wastewater and effluent treatment. Marine International advanced polymer products include polymer blocks, and dry/powder and emulsion/liquid polymers. Marine International comprehensive range of polymers has been developed to suit a wide variety of wastewater treatment and effluent treatment applications and includes structured polymers, co-polymers; and low, medium, high and very high molecular weight cationic and anionic polymers in both liquid/emulsion and dry/powder forms.   We offer an array of  Water Treatment Chemicals Products as per the demand of the valued clients i.e. Ballast Tank Inhibitor, Maxi Vap Plus, Multivap, Potable Water Stabiliser, Potable Water Stabiliser Liquid, RO Alkaline Cleaner, RO Bisulphite, RO Mild Acid Cleaner, RO Surfactant Cleaner, RO Scale Control, Vaptreat. Please fill free to get the product data sheets. Pool Water Treatment Chemical Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Marine International highly effective odour neutralisers are scientifically formulated to react with both simple and complex odour molecules to efficiently eliminate them. For general pool treatment, chlorine has three essential characteristics: It acts as a rapid and persistent sanitizer, It is an effective algaecide, and It is a strong oxidizer of undesired contaminants.   Marine International odour control chemicals will quickly neutralise hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, amines, mercaptans, skatole, sulphur dioxide, acetaldehyde, cadaverine and more by brominatior .Our fully biodegradable odour control products are environmentally friendly and are harmless to humans and animals. Marine International versatile odour control formulations will effectively reduce or neutralise odours generated in many food, retail, industrial, effluent, landfill, leisure and commercial environments (both internal and external). They will eliminate tobacco smells and can be used for the reduction of malodours in applications including effluent and sewage treatment works, food processing plants, waste management and landfill sites, offices, hotels, hospitals and more.   Unwanted foaming can be problematic in many commercial, manufacturing and industrial process applications, consequently it requires careful control measures to minimise or eliminate its impact. To ensure that such systems are well maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct water conditions are maintained at all times. This can be achieved using carefully selected antifoams and defoamers. Marine International technically advanced antifoams, defoamers and foam control agents are scientifically formulated to control unwanted foam generation and are ideal for use in a wide range of process applications including wastewater and effluent treatment, steam generation, cooling water systems, distillation and fermentation processes, food processing, sugar manufacturing, paper and paperboard production, plastics, adhesives and more. Our high performance foam control chemical formulations include both food grade and non-food grade antifoams, and silicone and mineral hydrocarbon based product.   We offer an array of  Pool Water Treatment Chemicals Products as per the demand of the valued clients i.e. Aquaborme Tablet, Ph Increaser, Pool & Spa Hardness, Pool Calrifier, Pool Surface Cleaner, Spa Defoamer. Please fill free to get the product data sheets. Industrial Oil Filter Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 As the name implies - is a filter designed to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. Oil filters are used in many different types of machinery. Of our interest in particular is the use of the oil filter in internal-combustion engines in motor vehicles. Other vehicle hydraulic systems, such as those in automatic transmissions and power steering, are often equipped with an Oil Filter of some type as well. While in this article we will direct our discussion primarily to the Automotive Engine Oil Filter application, where the filtration of Motor Oil is utilized. However, the same concepts apply no matter what the end use of the Oil Filter is or which fluid is being filtered .   The filter media materials have changed over the years also. Early designs used steel wool, wire meshes, metal screens, etc. Latter bulk cotton or various woven fabrics like linen were used. When disposable filters became popular, cellulose and papers were used to minimize production costs. Finally "synthetic" media oil filters were introduced where special man made fibers are utilized. Fiberglass and metal fabrics are also sometimes used for oil filtration. Today, most low-cost disposable spin-on oil filters use cellulose filter media. Better quality oil filters use synthetic media, while top end oil filter use "MicroGlass" or extremely fine metal mesh.   Maintenance is the largest single controllable expense in a manufacturing plant. With as many as 80% of all machine failures related to contamination in the oil, pro-active methods are saving industries considerable costs every year. We offers an introduction to the problems with insufficient oil cleanliness, the causes and the remedy of the problems. All the information presented is generally known and accepted. We invite you to take advantage of the experience we have gathered over the past 50 years with oil maintenance within various types of applications. The perfect oil cleaning system will control the level of all types of contaminations. We offer wide range of Off- Line Filters, By-pass Filters, Online Filters etc.   Advantages : Large filter surfaces, long service times Precisely defined grades of filtration Systematic removal of filtered particles Precise backflushing device Low flushing quantities Backflushing without interrupting operation Long life time Compact, space-saving design   We offer an array of  Oil Filters & Machinery Products as per the demand of the valued clients i.e. CJC Filters, Boll & Kirch Filter, Finn, Fleetguard adn Parker . Please fill free to get the product data sheets.