Stern Tube /Hydraulic System Oil

Price : INR 25,000.00 / 1 Barrel(s)

St-83a environmentally acceptable lubricant for stern tubes marine hydraulic systems
biodegradable marine lubricant not oil but lubricant kemel st-83a

2013 vgp of us epa
 st-83a meets the eal (environmentally acceptable lubricant) specification in 2013 vgp of us epa.

Base fluid
polyethlene glycol, a type of polyalkylene glycol, is well known as non-toxic material. It is generally applied in cosmetics and medicines.


oecd 301c test method found st-83a readily biodegradable.
Kemel st-83a non-toxic st-83a has been classified as harmless to aquatic lives under oecd 201, 202 and 203 tests.

st-83a is not bioaccumulative to aquatic lives because it is water soluble.

No sheen no sludge
st-83a is water soluble and forms no sheen or discoloration to the water. Also produces no sludge or emulsion under water surface.

High seawater tolerance
st-83a provides excellent lubrication and corrosion prevention even when the seawater content is 10%.

Seal compatibility
for stern tubes, kemel special seal of advanced fluoro-rubber should be applied. Regular viton seal is not compatible with st-83a. Comparison of base oils for eal’s   

  • base oil
  • polyalkylene glycol
  • vegetable oil
  • synthetic ester

non-sheening water tolerance good good poor poor poor poor patents granted in us (#7666822). Remarks
1) st-83a absorbs water contained in air. Piping design should be consulted with kemel.
2) normal paints cannot be used with kemel st-83a. Inorganic zinc primer should be used.

st-83a environmentally acceptable lubricant for stern tubes marine hydraulic systems product data formula base fluid polyethylene glycol typical properties 1) physical and chemical properties appearance pale yellow liquid viscosity at 40oc 86 mm2s viscosity at 100 oc 15 mm2s density at 15 oc 1.13 gcm3 pour point -8 oc flash point 225 oc (coc) solu.